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Lighting and Sound

Lighting and Sound

Shaw Park Complex can boast of global standards and modern features with its lighting and sound systems. Our rigging system is the envy of many as it is fully motorized and it is also the largest and most modern in the region.

Even further, SPC will provide highly trained and expert staff to create the perfect finish for your event. Lighting design and sound engineering are critical elements to any event and because we understand and value their importance, we are committed to ensuring that each client is totally satisfied.

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Shaw Park Complex stands as a benchmark locally, nationally & regionally. When the main auditorium’s capacity of 3, 700 is added to the capacity of the suite of lecture and meeting rooms increases the overall capacity of the facility to 5,000.

SPC is definitely poised as the largest multipurpose facility of its kind in the English Speaking Caribbean and given the multi-functionality and size of Shaw Park Complex, there are a variety of events that can be hosted ranging from very large to very intimate.